Jose has a 20-year record of getting results for our neighborhoods. Here is a map highlighting some of Jose’s accomplishments.
(Please be sure to click on the icons on the map to see details of Jose’s direct involvement on each project.)

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Public Safety (red pin)

1.    Rampart Police Station

Jose worked with local leaders to site and design the new Rampart Station. His efforts helped incorporate the existing green space into the design and thus saved the park-like setting. The new station is state-of-the art and includes a beautiful community room.

2.    Olympic Police Station

Jose helped fulfill a promise to bring a police station closer to local residents. Today the state-of-the art facility has quickly become part of the neighborhood fabric.

3.    Pico Union Fire Station

Jose worked closely with local residents on the design of this facility. Today, the fire station has become an integral part of the community.

4.    Speed Bump on Ave 52 & Griffin Ave

At the request of local neighbors, Jose secured funding for the placement of this speed bump.

5.    Speed Bump adjacent to Berendo Middle School

Local residents requested this speed bump and Jose responded.

6.    Speed Bump on S. Burlington Ave & 11th St

Jose recognized the need to slow down traffic on this busy street and worked with the Department of Transportation and local residents to make it happen.

7.    Speed Bump on Lincoln Ave & Ave 52

Jose aided in the placement and funding of this speed bump in Highland Park.

8.    Cross Walk-Audubon Center

Jose aided in the placement of this crosswalk. Local residents can now safely walk across the street to enjoy the beautiful Audubon Center.

9.    Striped Crosswalk on Cypress Ave & Jeffries Ave

Jose, at the request of Florence Nightingale Middle school, aided in the placement of this crosswalk.

10. Smart Crosswalk on Daly St & Manitou Ave

Jose aided in the placement of this Smart Crosswalk in Lincoln Heights.

11. Traffic Signal on Portland St & Adams Blvd

Jose aided in placement, design and funding of this Traffic Signal!  His integral knowledge of the City’s Department of Transportation helped create the funding for this signal.

12. Traffic Signal on Boylston St & Temple St

The City’s Department of Transportation has worked closely with Jose Gardea who continues to seek more resources for our residents. Jose worked with the community and secured funding for the placement of this traffic light.

13. Traffic Signal on Olympic Blvd & Albany St

At a cost of more than $100,000 each, Jose Gardea continues to find the necessary funds to bring traffic signals to our streets.

14. Traffic Signal on 6th St & Union Dr

Jose, who recognized the need, worked with local residents to install this traffic signal.

15. Traffic Signal on San Fernando Rd & Macon St

Jose aided in the placement of this traffic signal directly across the street from Rio de Los Angeles State Park.

16. Traffic Signal on San Fernando Rd & Future St

Jose, as part of the design of Rio de Los Angeles Park which he secured funds for, made certain to create safe access for our children as they crossed San Fernando Road to enjoy the new facility.

17. Traffic Signal on N Broadway & Sichel St

Jose has secured the funding for this signal. Design is currently underway and installation is expected in the coming weeks.

18. Traffic Light on Mission Rd & Selig Pl

Jose has worked diligently to secure funding for traffic lights throughout the district. Despite the fact the State continued to take money from our communities to resolve their own budget mess, Jose continued to find resources for traffic signals such as this one.

19. Traffic Light on Cypress Ave & Roseview Ave

Jose made certain that funding was available to complete this traffic signal that cost more than $100,000.

20. Traffic Circle on Echo Street & Hayes Ave

Working with local residents, Jose envisioned a traffic circle in Highland Park. It became the first traffic circle in city of LA.

21. Pepper St & Avenue 28

Working with LAPD, Jose abated the criminal activity at the property at Pepper St /Ave 28.


Arts and Culture (blue pin)

22.    Restoration of the Chicano Time Trip Mural

Jose aided in the restoration of the historic Chicano Time Trip Mural in Lincoln Heights. Renowned muralist Wayne Healey originally created the mural.

23.    Restoration of the Lincoln Park Gateway

Secured over $1.4 million for the complete restoration of the Lincoln Park Gateway.

24.    Chinatown Gateway

Jose, alongside local residents, aided in the construction of this gateway which has quickly become an icon across the city.

25.    The Wall Las Memorias

Jose brokered a long term agreement with the City’s Recreation and Parks Department to use an area in Lincoln Park for this memorial, which recognizes the family members that have lost the battle with AIDS.

26.    Saving the Southwest Museum

Jose has been fighting for the restoration and protection of our Southwest Museum. He secured $50,000 in funding for a structural assessment study. As Councilmember he will continue the battle to bring back this historic facility.

27.    Historic Preservation Overlay Zone: Pico Union

Jose recognizes the uniqueness of Pico Union and the need to protect its historic structures. This HPOZ does exactly that.

28.    Historic Preservation Overlay Zone: Lincoln Heights

Jose knows that Lincoln Heights was one of the city’s original suburbs and as such needs to be protected from unscrupulous development that would compromise the integrity of our historic structures. This HPOZ works to protect our neighborhood.

29.    Highland Park Veterans Memorial

Jose was able to secure funding for tree trimming and beautification of the memorial.

30.    Cypress Park Veterans Memorial

The Cypress Park community has embraced this monument quickly making it one of its most revered landmarks. Jose worked closely with local community members to find the funding for the project. Jose gives all credit to the Cypress Park Veterans.

31. Salvin Neighborhood Mural Project

After meeting with residents, teachers and school representatives from Salvin Elementary, we were able to address a graffiti problem on a building across the street from the school. The community came together to create a memorable mural that has kept the wall free from graffiti.

Economic Development (turquoise pin)

32.    Audubon Center at Debs Park

Jose helped negotiate the land lease for the Audubon Center at Debs Park. The Center offers a variety of great programs in environmental education for kids and families.

33.    WorkSource Center- Lincoln Heights

Jose helped to secure funding for the WorkSource Center in Lincoln Heights bringing access to jobs and other career building skills.

34.    Lincoln Heights Business Improvement District

Jose worked diligently with local business leaders to create the Lincoln Heights Business Improvement District. Jose knows the backbone of our economy is based on the creation of local jobs.

35.    Chinatown Business Improvement

Local business leaders worked with Jose to build consensus making the Chinatown Business Improvement District a reality.

36.    Highland Park Business Improvement District

Jose has focused on creating these types of community driven Business Districts, which provide additional security and street cleaning resources that directly impact local industries.

37.    Homeboy Industries Headquarters

HOMEBOY INDUSTRIES provides local jobs to former gang members who want to turn their lives around. They needed a site for their new facility and Jose is proud that the new headquarters has come to the First Council District.

38.    Mama’s Hot Tamales

Mama’s Hot Tamales in MacArthur Park has served as an incubator, job-training center, and community restaurant. Over the years, Jose has secured funds to maintain this action program for MacArthur Park.

 39.    Clean Streets, Clean Neighborhoods: Lincoln Heights

Through Clean and Green, Jose created and secured funding for Clean Streets, Clean Neighborhoods. This program aids in the beautification of our neighborhoods and provides jobs for youth. Specifically, the cleanup crews have cleaned up our freeway overpasses.

40.    Clean Streets, Clean Neighborhoods:  Chinatown

Through Clean and Green, Jose created and secured funding for Clean Streets, Clean Neighborhoods. This program aids in the beautification of our neighborhoods and provides jobs for youth. Specifically, the cleanup crews have planted trees and removed graffiti.

41. Clean Streets, Clean Neighborhoods: Highland Park

Through Clean and Green, Jose created and secured funding for Clean Streets, Clean Neighborhoods. This program aids in the beautification of our neighborhoods and provides jobs for youth. Specifically, the cleanup crews have pressure-washed our pedestrian sidewalks to improve cleanliness.

42. Clean Streets, Clean Neighborhoods: Vista Hermosa

Through Clean and Green, Jose created and secured funding for Clean Streets, Clean Neighborhoods. This program aids in the beautification of our neighborhoods and provides jobs for youth. Specifically, the cleanup crews have maintained the park and led education programs with local youths.


Neighborhood Services (yellow pin)

43.    Mt. Washington Weather Station

Recognizing the microclimate unique to Mt. Washington, Jose worked to secure funds to construct the weather station–one of the first of its kind in the city.

44.    Chinatown Linkages

As part of the Gold Line design, Jose ensured that local residents at numerous community meetings participate so that their input would be taken into account.

45.    Street Repair on Sunny Heights Dr & Marchena Dr.

Jose helped secure funding for various street repairs in the Mt Washington West Neighborhood.

46.    Street Scape Improvements: Chinatown

The historic community of Chinatown has seen many improvements including one that was designed with the input and participation from residents. The Street Scape Improvements have added much-needed benches, trees and trash receptacles.

47.    Street Scape Improvements: North Broadway

Jose aided in the N Broadway street scape improvements that include new lights, benches, and other street furniture.

48.    Street Scape Improvements: Pico Blvd

Pico Blvd. was once viewed as a secondary highway to the 10 Freeway. Jose brought together residents and businesses to work on a Street Scape Project that has transformed the boulevard making it a pedestrian friendly corridor.

49.    Street Scape Improvements: Alvarado St

Jose aided in the Alvarado Streetscape Improvements that include new crosswalk, benches, and tree.

50.    Northeast Linkages Program

Jose ensured the completion of the Northeast Linkages Program that brought new lights and sidewalks to our neighborhoods.

51.    Arroyo Seco Public Library

Jose aided in securing the funding for the Arroyo Seco Public Library in the late 1990′s. Once funded, Jose worked with local residents on its design. The library opened its doors in 2003.

52. Cypress Park Public Library

For many years the community of Cypress Park had a small bungalow library that was not easily accessible to children and their family.  Jose and Councilman Reyes, with the community, fought hard for the creation of a new library, which now is an anchor for change.

53. Chinatown Public Library

Chinatown Library was one of many that were built in Council District 1 with the support of voters and taxpayers.  As Chief of Staff, Jose was able to work with residents and businesses to identify a location and design for the new library.

54. Edward Roybal Learning Center

Alongside community residents, Jose worked to ensure that the design of the Edward Roybal Learning Center would incorporate space for parents to participate with their children.

55. Sotomayor High School

In the early 1990′s the community came together to re-define the space in Cypress Park known locally as Taylor Yard. Jose, working with local residents since then, outlined a series of priorities that included a high school for local kids to attend.

56. West Adams Prep High School

Located at 1500 W. Washington Blvd, West Adams Prep was completed in 2007.  Schools such as these have ensured that our children will no longer be bused to far away locations.  Jose, who was born and raised in the district, has made education a top priority.

57. Miguel Contreras Learning Complex

Opened in 2006, the Miguel Contreras Learning Complex stands as a monument to community involvement and organization. As such, Jose played a key role in ensuring local input in its design as well as directing funds for nearby crosswalks and traffic signals.

58. John H. Lietchy Middle School

Located at 650 S. Union, just blocks from MacArthur Park, Liechty Middle School serves approximately 1,800 children in the local neighborhood. Bringing schools closer to families continues to be a goal of Jose Gardea who worked closely in the development of the school.

59. Alliance Broadway

Located at the corner of Avenue 20 and North Broadway in Lincoln Heights, Jose made certain that the design of the school fit into the architectural character of the area while also ensuring local access for neighborhood students.

60. Evelyn Thurman Gratts Early Education Center

Jose helped in facilitating communication between the community and the school district for the appropriate site selection of this center.

61. Charles White Primary Center

Located at 2401 Wilshire Blvd near MacArthur Park, Charles White Primary Center is part of the lager rejuvenation of the area. Jose worked hard to find and locate a suitable location for the primary center.

62. MacArthur Park Primary Center School

Located across the street from MacArthur Park, the Primary Center is one of several schools Jose Gardea focused on during his tenure as chief deputy.  “It was important to give children a neighborhood campus,” Gardea said.

63. Esperanza Elementary School

Esperanza Elementary, located at 680 Little Street, serves over 800 children in the MacArthur Park community.  Jose, a strong believer in local schools, has played a pivotal role in creating a cluster of educational facilities in the local area.

64. Lincoln Heights Youth Center

Opened in 2010 at a cost of more than $5 million, the Youth Center includes an outdoor hockey rink, boxing gym and community room. Bringing these types of recreational facilities has been a long-standing goal of Jose who helped to secure the funding to construct the facility.

65. LA Boys and Girls Club

Jose worked closely with the Dodgers to bring a new baseball diamond to the Boys and Girls Club. He also worked to upgrade many of the club’s active facilities, like the swimming pool.

66. Montecito Heights Dodger Dream Field

Throughout his career, Jose Gardea has been able to create successful public-private partnerships and the Dream Field at Montecito Heights Recreation Center is an example of that as he worked closely with the Los Angeles Dodgers to improve the venue for local young people.

67. Normandie Park Score Board

Normandie Park was in desperate need of a scoreboard. Community members, Jose Gardea and the Dodgers worked closely to bring the scoreboard to local youth.

68. Lincoln Park Recreation Center

Jose aided in the placement of the new basketball court, decomposed granite path around the lake, and new all-weather fitness equipment.

69. Alpine Recreation Center

Jose aided in bringing much needed physical improvements to this park in the vibrant heart of Chinatown.

70. Downey Recreation Center

Despite massive State budget cuts, Downey Recreation Center today has a new childcare center made possible with local funds.

71. Plaza de la Raza

Jose worked with staff to secure funding for the upgrade of a new electrical system and lighting for this center.

72. Echo Park Pool

As the state wasted billions, Jose managed to find, protect and target local dollars to reopen this pool for local residents.

73. Downey Pool

Jose aided in the design of the pool and helped secure funds for the reopening of the pool adjacent to the LA River.

74. Glassell Pool

Due to budget cuts, Glassell Pool was threatened with shutdown as a year round pool. Jose brought city departments together to discuss a solution to save the pool. As a result, the pool continues as a year-round facility. Jose also credits the incredible mobilization of the community.    

75. Bike Lanes on 7th Street & Rampart Blvd

Jose worked with local residents to re-stripe and reconfigure 7th Street to create bike lanes.  The lanes continue to bring bicyclists that support local businesses and create a more pedestrian-friendly neighborhood.

76. Lincoln Heights Senior Center

Jose secured funding for the renovation of the bathrooms and the installation of central air conditioning.


Parks and Open Space (Tree pin)

77.    Rio de Los Angeles State Park

One of the gems of Northeast Los Angeles, Jose worked on multiple funding sources to bring this 40-acre park to residents who worked tirelessly to bring open space to our community.

78.    Los Angeles State Historic Park

Known by many locals simply as the “Cornfields”, Jose worked closely on securing funding for the 32-acre open space adjacent to Chinatown and the downtown community.

79.    Albion Dairy River Park

This 6-acre soon-to-be-completed park will be a key anchor of the Lincoln Heights neighborhood, as it will connect with the Los Angeles River. Jose worked hard to secure and allocate the millions of dollars that will be invested in the new green space.

80.    Ed P. Reyes Riverway Park

Jose aided in the creation of more than 100 acres of new park space including the Riverway located in Lincoln Heights and adjacent to the Los Angeles River.

81.    Confluence Plaza

Located in Cypress Park, the Confluence Plaza and fountain form a wonderful community space in an area that was once little more than a vacant lot.

82.    Vista Hermosa

Located near downtown, this 12-acre park nestled on a hillside is considered one of the most beautiful parks in the entire city. Jose helped convert what was once a dilapidated area into a soccer field by securing a $1 million grant.

83.    Francis Community Garden

As the state continued to take money away from local services, Jose continued to secure local funding for projects such as the Francis Community Garden.

84.    Milagro Alegro Community Garden

Located behind the historic Highland Park Theater, the Milagro Alegro Community Garden replaced what was once a vacant and dilapidated lot. Jose negotiated the lease of this vicinity and helped secure its funding for the local residents that worked on its restoration.

85.    Marion Park

Jose was instrumental in securing funding for this park. Jose and many community members participated in the landscaping!

86. Estrella Park

Jose secured funding for the recreation of this community pocket park.

87. MacArthur Park

Jose secured funding for the rejuvenation and restoration of the historic bandshell that now holds more than 50 summer concerts each year. Jose also created funding for the new open meadow and soccer field, and the construction of the new historic lighting to provide greater safety for families.

88. Sycamore Grove Park

Jose aided in the restoration of the bandshell and the placement of adult exercise equipment.

89. Toberman Park

Jose helped fund the improvements in the amount of $250,000 to install new fencing, new grass, new restrooms, new basketball court, and lighting.

90. Hope and Peace Neighborhood Park

Located at James M. Wood Blvd and Bonnie Brae, Jose worked with local residents on the design, funding and construction of this local oasis.

91. Elysian Park

Jose secured $150,000 for Elysian Park Master Plan.

92. Pico Union Pocket Park

Secured $50,000 in block grants to replace playground equipment at Pico-Union Park.

93. Shane’s Inspiration Park

Jose facilitated communication between the nonprofit provider and the Department of Recreation and Parks.

94. Northeast Hillside Ordinance- Glassell Park

Jose worked with neighbors in our district and shepherded the process of the Northeast Hillside Ordinance, which promotes smart planning by limiting the size of homes on hillside lots in the City of Los Angeles.

95. Northeast Hillside Ordinance- Lincoln Heights

Jose worked with neighbors in our district and shepherded the process of the Northeast Hillside Ordinance, which promotes smart planning by limiting the size of homes on hillside lots in the City of Los Angeles.

96. Northeast Hillside Ordinance- Montecito Heights

Jose worked with neighbors in our district and shepherded the process of the Northeast Hillside Ordinance, which promotes smart planning by limiting the size of homes on hillside lots in the City of Los Angeles.


Affordable Housing (House pin)

 97.    MacArthur Park Metro Housing (MBS)

Located directly adjacent to the Metro Red Line in MacArthur Park, this project consists of more than 170 family units. All of them affordable, that has been the focus of Jose for more than two decades.

98.    American Communities

Jose helped facilitate site selection and community recruitment for local families.

99.    The Tides
623 S. Rampart, Los Angeles, CA 90057 (36 Senior Apartments)

Building affordable housing where it is most needed has been a goal of Jose since he has been Councilmember Reyes’ Chief Deputy. These 36 Senior Apartments are located in the Westlake community.

100.    Seven Maples Senior Apartments
2618 West 7th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90057 (57 Units)

Opened in 2007 and located at 2618 West 7th Street, Seven Maples Senior Housing is located just blocks from St. Barnabas Senior Center. Jose worked to ensure that these units worked for our local seniors.

101.    Seventh & Coronado Family Apartments
2618 West 7th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90057 (68 Units)

These affordable housing units are located near Seven Maples Senior Housing project. Both developments are located in the community of Westlake and together comprise more than 120 units.

102.    Parkview on the Park
626 South Alvarado Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90057 (80 Senior Units)

These 80 affordable units were a result of a complete rehabilitation of a 1920′s hotel Jose has made affordable units and community preservation a priority for the First District.

103.    Castelar Apartments
625 North Hill, Los Angeles, CA 90012 (Affordable 101 Family units)

Built in 2003, this $14 million investment in affordable units in Chinatown was touted as the “Best Affordable Housing Project in Downtown Los Angeles” shortly after its opening. Jose worked with local developers to make certain that the development design was consistent with the historical character of Chinatown.

104.    Andalucia Heights
431-433 South Lucas Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90012 (Affordable 75 Family units)

These family apartments, all 75 of them, are affordable units for local families. The total cost of the project exceeded $24 million and marks yet another investment in our district that Jose helped facilitate.

 105.    Villas del Lago
456 South Lake Street, Los Angeles, CA 90057 (Family Affordable 74 units)

Built in 2008 these 74 affordable family units called for a nearly $15 million investment in our community. Jose worked to ensure the funding was preserved for the development.

106. Mosaic Apartments
1521-1531 West Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90015 (Affordable 56 family units)

The Mosaic Apartments includes 56 affordable housing units in Pico Union. The facility replaced an abandoned commercial building that had been causing blight in the neighborhood. Jose worked with local residents to design a historically relevant building while creating accessibility for local families.

107. Flores del Valle
222 West Avenue 23, Los Angeles, CA 90031 (Affordable 146 Family units)

Built next to the Ave 26 Station of the Metro Goldline in Lincoln Heights, this development consists of 146 affordable family units. Built in 2007, this facility replaced a blighted and vacant warehouse and has helped to revitalize the local area. Jose Gardea worked to ensure local input in the design and to protect the funding sources.

108. Tesoro del Valle
2801 Humboldt Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90031 (Affordable 121 Family Units)

Completed in 2006, this development brought 121 affordable family units to the community of Lincoln Heights. At a cost of more than $20 million, this community investment replaced blighted properties and has helped to revitalize the local area. Jose Gardea fought to ensure that this development kept its funding intact and included local input..

109. Camino al Oro
330 West Avenue 26, Los Angeles, CA 90031 (Affordable 121 Senior Units)

Finished in 2005, this affordable complex is comprised of 121 Senior Units near the Ave 26 Goldline Station in Lincoln Heights. At a cost of over $13 million these units served to revitalize a previously blighted area of the community. Jose Gardea worked to ensure that the architecture fit into the character of the local neighborhood.

110. Puerta del Sol
360 West Avenue 26, Los Angeles, CA 90031 (165 Condo for Sell Units)

Completed in 2006 this complex is a 165-unit mixed-use condominium project near the Ave 26 Goldline Station. Jose worked to protect the local neighborhoods and ensure they had a voice in the development and design of this project.

111. Bixel House Apartments
625 South Bixel Street, Los Angeles, CA 90017 (Affordable 77 Single units)

Recognizing the need for diverse units, Bixel House Apartments are comprised of 77 affordable single units.

112. Bonnie Brae Apartments Homes
505 South Bonnie Brae Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90057 (Affordable 53 Family Units)

Located in the heart of the Westlake community, this development consists of 53 affordable family units and includes a second floor courtyard that Jose advocated for.

113. Glo Apartments
1050 Wilshire Blvd. (210 Market Rate Apartments)

Located along Wilshire Blvd, these 210 market rate units have helped to re-invigorate the emerging neighborhood just west of the 110 freeway.

114. The Metro at Chinatown
808 North Spring Street (123 Senior Affordable)

This $44 million complex is focused on local seniors. Jose Gardea has worked to ensure that these types of projects keep their funding and stay on budget.

115. Belmont Station Apartments
1302 W. 2nd Street (276 Family Affordable)

Located near the 12-acre Vista Hermosa Park for which Gardea also helped secure funds, Belmont Station has 276 family affordable units.  Creating living spaces near recreational facilities has been a long-time focus of Jose Gardea.

116. Caesar Chavez Gardens
555 W. Cesar Chavez Ave.  (47 Family Affordable)

Opened in 2003, these 47 family affordable units include in-house services such as a childcare facility.  Jose Gardea has been working for over 20 years to include these types of services on every housing development in the district.

117. Jia Apartments
639 North Broadway Street (280 Market Rate units)

Currently under construction and located adjacent to the Chinatown Gateway, this mixed-use development will include 280 units and is expected to bring further revitalization to the Chinatown community.

118. Lotus Garden Family Housing
715-721 Yale Street (60 Family Affordable Units)

This 60-unit affordable housing complex located in the Chinatown community was supported by a $4million loan from the now debunk CRA. The CRA was designed to assist struggling communities but was eliminated by the State in order to balance their own budget mess.

119. Yale Terrace Apartments
716 Yale Street (55 Family Affordable Units)

Completed in 2008, the Yale Apartments are comprised of 55 Family Affordable Units in the Chinatown community.

120. 1010 Wood Apartments
1322-28 West James Wood (61 Family Affordable Units)

This development is located in the Westlake community and includes the Centro de Milagros childcare center as well as a pre-school. Jose continues to ensure that social services are included in each of our affordable units.

121. Casa Shalom
1308 South New Hampshire Avenue (30 Family Affordable)

Located in the Pico Union community, Casa Shalom features 30 family affordable and is an active member of the community. Community health fairs are held approximately three times a year and children’s programs are commonplace.

122. Skyline Village
1324 West 4th Street (73 Family Affordable)

This is a 72-unit Family Affordable complex with multiple amenities for both residents and the local neighborhood. Jose Gardea has insisted that developments take into account surrounding neighborhoods while they are in construction and after they have been completed.

123. Figueroa Place
1320-28 West Sunset (33 Family Affordable)

This development consists of 34 large Family Affordable units and was completed in 2006.

124. Court Street Apartments
1001-12 West Court Street (24 Family Affordable)

The Court Street Apartments is a 24-unit large Family Affordable complex.  Jose has worked to ensure that developments reflect the populations they serve.

125. Barbizon Hotel
1937 West 6th Street (54 Single Affordable)

The Barbizon Hotel is a 55 unit senior and large family affordable housing rehabilitation project located in the community of Westlake.  Working with the city’s housing department, Jose Gardea made certain the work was completed with minimal impact to the local neighborhood.

126. Hartford Apartments
440 Hartford Avenue (54 Family Affordable)

This complex includes 54 Family Affordable units in the Westlake community, one of the most densely populated areas of the city. 

127. Eads Apartments
421 South Bixel Street (36 Family Affordable)

Constructed by New Economics for Women, this 36-unit Family Affordable complex is geared towards large families. Jose has worked to ensure that developments reflect the needs of local residents.


Los Angeles River (Water Pin)

128.    Los Angeles River: $3 Million LA River master plan

129.    Los Angeles River: $1.1 million Hydrology study